Update: Tower construction begins tomorrow

To: Mr. Great Big God-Emperor of the Radio Planet
c/o Bide-a-While Budget Tubes
Gallegher Station
Orbit of Greater Jameson

Okay, your Imperial Majestic planet person, we’ve leveled that mountaintop and installed the perimeter security.

We’ll start in on your tower tomorrow.

There have been 6 responses to this transmission

  • It’s “God-Emperor”. You know that; I know you know that; you know I know you know that.

  • You don’t have to like me. You just have to do the work I hired you to do.

  • That’s what we’ve been doing.

    About that, I see there’s a chain of dormant volcanoes about a hundred miles from your tower. This equipment we use, it’d be so easy to make a little calibration error that, you know, sort of tickled those volcanoes back to life. Be a real shame, if that happened.

    You’d be looking at a winter that would last about seventy years.

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